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I am fortunate and humbled to have accomplished Choreographer & Dancer Natalia Duong (Stanford/NYU Tisch School for the Arts) be inspired by my contribution to the As Us Literary Journal in observance of One Billion Rising, All Nations Rising in Indian Country, and the Save Wiyabi Project. Thank you for this piece of art, Natalia, it is beautiful when one person’s art touches another person’s art. - hb


to be frank

is a return and a departure
a mourning created in night
a soliloquy of absence
complete unto itself.

It is a celebration of embodied memory
Inspired by hakim bellamy’s poem
When Love Gets Home.
for those who never find Home.

It is for the words left unsaid.

An exploration of old truths in a changed body.
It is not intended to be melancholic in nature
[though there may always be something missing]
but instead a celebration of agency
and things that feel good.

It is a movement for the moment
When the blizzard coats the ground
so we paint our presence in the snow.
And it melts.

Natalia Duong

February 14, 2013

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