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I am fortunate and humbled to have accomplished Choreographer & Dancer Natalia Duong (Stanford/NYU Tisch School for the Arts) be inspired by my contribution to the As Us Literary Journal in observance of One Billion Rising, All Nations Rising in Indian Country, and the Save Wiyabi Project. Thank you for this piece of art, Natalia, it is beautiful when one person’s art touches another person’s art. - hb


to be frank

is a return and a departure
a mourning created in night
a soliloquy of absence
complete unto itself.

It is a celebration of embodied memory
Inspired by hakim bellamy’s poem
When Love Gets Home.
for those who never find Home.

It is for the words left unsaid.

An exploration of old truths in a changed body.
It is not intended to be melancholic in nature
[though there may always be something missing]
but instead a celebration of agency
and things that feel good.

It is a movement for the moment
When the blizzard coats the ground
so we paint our presence in the snow.
And it melts.

Natalia Duong

February 14, 2013

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Written for TEDxABQED and premiered on Friday, January 11th, 2013. Look forward to the video of the entire day of talks at www.tedxabq.com, coming soon…

Stand – hakim bellamy

You stand

Somewhere between

Who they are

And what they could be

Not an obstacle

Quite the contrary

But they can’t tell

Their only hint

Is the way you stand

You appear ready to fight

And dammit if sometimes…

They do not know it is for them

You are hands down

While they are hands up

In front of you

You take their best shot

And every morrow

Come back for more


You are the space between

The end of every question

And good manners

Between a demand

And a smile

Between please and thank you

Between boredom

And the bathroom

Between bathroom and sh…

‘tuff we let pass for education in this country

You stand between pass

And fail

Between pass

And learn

Between pass

And future

You stood between Dr. Maya Angelou

And her degree

Her traumatic muteness at 8

And her ability to speak at 13

Between Anne Sullivan

And Helen Keller’s ability to speak what she sees

You stand between every single student

And their “Story of Me”

Stood with Mary Duncan in Nashville, Tennessee

Between a 4th grade Oprah Winfrey

And THE Oprah

And in 1989 you stood on her show

As she said thank you

I thank you

For standing between the spike

And the punch bowl

Between the wallflower

And the wall

Between the two kids

Getting a little too Lambada on the dance floor

Between the black board

And the clean slate

Between a paycheck

And a living

Between social promotion

And social skills

Between high stakes testing

And a high stakes life

You stand

With a backpack

More camouflage

Than campus

Always at attention

Even in a room full of pupils that lack it

You are a frontline

Of lessonplans waving sayonara from flagpoles

At half mast

You are marching orders

That have accepted

to stand

Between our lil’ angels

And the gunmen who have come

To give them wings

Between neck

And bedroom closet

Between bully

And believer

You stand between a sensible work week

And beyond the call of duty

Between the drugs

And our children’s self-esteem

Between banned books

And burnt out

And sometimes…

Between the bar

And the weekend you desperately needed

Like two days ago, already!

You are a Monday through Friday

Stand in parent for ME

And for every moment you surrogate life

I am away on my knees

Begging for you

And my child

To succeed

For as long

As you’ve been on your feet for me

I will stand for you.

© Hakim Bellamy December 31st, 2012