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The Home of Hakm's B-Side e-alter ego...his auxiliary brain or external hard drive...

Written for Women in Creativity Month performance at Tricklock Theater Company’s Reptilian Lounge in March 2013

Crea+ivi+y … for Mae Jamison


“For some reasons of reason, it is overwhelmingly apparent that the female brain does not rival a man’s brain when it comes to math and science.”


so she grabbed a telescope

to see

what kind of god

would not make space

for her


what kind of idiot


would phrenologize uterus

with iQ

in a respectable scholarly journal

and call his self



an alchemist

is much more

than a palmful

of snake oil


more than scales

and skin sales


more than the atheism

we cook

and crack


in the crosshairs of that scope


she saw pimps

standing on the corner

of crea+ion and nativi+y


selling acrylic

on canvas, no prints,

of Mary

and manger



blacker than universe

than womb


in it

stars look like asterisks

like X, X

on top of each other

one tick-tocked clockwise

90 degrees


“Like you don’t know what time it is!”

she says

under lapcoat collar


like impo’tent men

will put their dick in

test tubes to

try and reproduce

the laboratory inside of her



those same men,

however important,

will fit firearms into mouths

of mothers

on a crusade

to barren nations



that their black magic

will never match

her birthright…


they will say

“God made Adam first.”

She will thank’em kindly

for the compliment

and call herself




and tell them to adopt

while she adapts


“We are in clinical trials,

trying to reproduce a miracle.”

she belches


“The future of this species rests in an aberration.

Inconclusive, yet well-documented, evidence that one

Of their gender was able to regenerate without the other…”


she is between homo habilis

and australopithicus


she is time travel

nine months of present

and future

at the same time


she is pregnancy without penis

he is penis without progress


he is original man



she is Es-class

opposable thumb


she has made man

without man


he has tried

to clone her miracle


of how she plays god with herself


one day,

he will worship her

for the nucleus she is

instead of the warfare

he wet dreams her

to be


til then,

he will dismiss this report

file it away in the annals

of science


and tell her

this sort of study

this sort of research

is heresy


he will unbend

his lips and innuendo

his brow

as he lets her know

what is at stake


shrug it off

by trying to diffuse

a lawsuit

with a joke about sausage

and how she is

missing link


he is not



or scientifically correct

he is cocky

not cunning


he is over the line

and over confident

she is over head

and over



he will discharge

one last shot

at her sisterhood


laughingly, ask her

if she thinks

she can fly


and she will

look him in the eye


and say




ask me…

which broomstick

to prove it with.”


© Hakim Bellamy March 21, 2013

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