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I give thanks with humility to Barb’s life partner, Mary Ellen Broderick, for allowing me to be a part of Barb’s “Celebration of Life.” Barb’s baby, the Democracy for New Mexico blog, is still up and running thanks to Mary Ellen and is still the biggest platform for progressive political commentary and analysis in New Mexico.

Champion for Barbara Rose Wold - by hakim bellamy

I’m not going to start off
By calling her a “Champion”

Not because she wouldn’t like it
Though she probably wouldn’t
But because it would in accurate

She was
The person
Who put the winners
In check

I don’t know
If they yet have a word for that

So from here on out
That person will forever more
Be referred to as

Movements don’t need Champions
Until it’s over

What they need
Are fighters
For when shit is on

The need lighters
For when it’s dark
Because the places
Where those who would do us harm
Like to do business
Could use a little sunshine

Like we do
When it’s raining percentage points
From the Dow
The Sun of Sam
And We the People
Are the sacrifice they make
To the only god they know

But Barb?
You tried to tell them
That they were following the wrong Tao
That we’ve never seen money worship people
Only the other way around

You tried to tell us, Barb?
That we can’t fix this Great Depression
Lying down
Even though it’s STILL raining Euros in London
Cats and dogs in Albuquerque
Bears and bulls on Wall Street
And asses and pachyderms in D.C.
Pooling money

Like water for Elephants

You tried, Barb.
Tried to remind us to write poems like this
Cover stories that matter
And write blogs like fists

In the airwaves

Like a champ
Like we can be our own
Like we know

That it IS
The election, itself
That separates the people from their candidate
That they will promise us the world
If we deliver them the state
That the campaign is like the first date
And the middle of the second term
Like our 20th anniversary
You reminded us
That one day
Our winners will call us whiners

From the school of
“You must doing SOMETHING right
If the Right Wing extremist don’t like you!?”
And you shared that me on more than one occasion
So I guess that makes me the pupil
Cause I’m just like you

And they’ll ask
Why am I talking to you
NOW, Barb?


To take on the responsibility
Of giving this many people
You had to be
One hell of a listener

And at times
It seemed like
The only thing bigger
Than your heart
(And the slightly larger sleeve
That you ironed it onto)
Was your ear

And even
From where your body rests now
I’m certain you can hear us
Better than some of the people we live with
The incumbents we get stuck with
The people WE picked

The uncontested and the untrusted
That get to run unopposed
Cause WE ain’t running
You’re ears worked better
Than every last one of’em

From City Hall to Santa Fe
From Washington, D.C. to
Santa Fe

And they can’t believe the shit we live with

As New Mexican
Brown, Black
And differently-abled

As poor whites
And Occupationists
Who’ve made Occupying our Occupation

As children
Bi, Transgender
Queer, straight and Gay men.

And you lived it.

Can’t speak to us anymore
From that side of the finished line
But you can still
Make us feel
Like someone is listening to us

I won’t
Call you a champion
But I’ll call you

(c) Hakim Bellamy January 12th, 2012

In loving memory of Barbara Rose Wold (May 5, 1948 - December 18, 2011)
First performed publicly at “A Celebration of Barbara Rose Wold’s Life at the United Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters Union Hall on January 12, 2012.