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Press Kit

w/ Amiri Baraka (Photo by Chandra Ursule Brown)


Dear xxxxxx and Hakim:


I was so moved by both poems. I know that the teachers and students at PS 20  will be too…probably mostly the teachers at this point, but also the older children and their parents perhaps. My daughter in law is on the PTA there and could share it with the parents.

I would of course be happy to pay for the copies of the individual poems and I certainly want a copy of the book.  I believe in the value of ‘intellectual property’.


I also have a friend from India who will be moved by your Ghandi/MLK poem.


Your reading and  sharing your creativity were such  gifts to me this morning as I’m recovering from surgery.  Thank you. And thanks to Pamela for all she does to uplift us all.


-Kathleen Davison Lebeck

After Sunday Chatter on February 24th, 2013

Hakim Bellamy,

My brother, Ben ********, requested your poem Stand to share with me, his sister. He forwarded your e-mail to me today, and I watched you perform the poem. I am speechless. Choked up. All I can say, from a fourth grade teacher, is thank you. It is beautiful. My one true wish is to make a difference in my students’ lives. I hope one day, one of my students will look back at their time with me and think I helped them become the person they have become. Your teachers must be so proud of you. I would be. Would it be ok if I shared your performance with the staff at my school at our next staff meeting? I think it would be inspirational. Thank you.

Deanna Taylor

After Martin A. Lee Smoke Signals Book Event at the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice on February 22nd, 2013



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