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Leaders of the New School

Leaders of the New School Artist Profiles
By Khalil Ekulona
Companion to the current cover story in the Perspective magazine

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To define the young black artists in ABQ as diverse does not give enough credit to the wide range of skills and talents they have amassed. From artists to designers, DJ’s to dancers, singer/songwriters to emcees, and actors to models. These young artisans are carving their way into the hearts and minds of an audience hungry for creative sustenance. Meet your artistic chefs preparing food for the soul.

Xian Bass
Age: 25
Lyricist, performing artist, choreographer, model

Dee Brown
Age: 27
Musician, singer-songwriter, producer

Zack Freeman
age: 35
Alternative hip hop artist, solo live looping beatboxer

Khalid Binsunni
Age: 19
Poet (Abq Local scene), visual artist (Padawan level), emcee/songwriter (For the Band Samurai Machine Gun), promoter, activist

Miguel Angel “Mickey” Figueroa
Practitioner of Poetry, Visual Arts, Music.

Mikey Muppetuno Mayes
Age: 20

Quela Robinson
Age: 38
DJ, and rookie burlesque performer

Karsten Creightney
Age: 35
Painter and Print maker

Melvin Mayes/JUNGLE ONE
age: 31
Painter, illustrator, emcee

Richard “Josef Scott” Powdrell
Age: 26
R&B Singer, Songwriter, producer, performing artist, poet

Benjamin Eagle
Actor, writer, performer, musician

Khalil Ekulona
Age: 38
Producer, Record Label Executive, Writer, Emcee, Performer

Hakim Bellamy
Age: 34
Poet, emcee, performer, writer, actor

Catherine Powdrell
Age: 24
Vocal Soloist and back up vocalist for other local artists